COVID-19: The Blessing of Generational Faith


If you are like Sally and me, your thoughts these days are much about your children; and perhaps their children.  My recent thoughts as the “patriarch” of the local Bennett clan have taken me to the book of Genesis and the stories of Abraham and then Isaac.

God told Abraham to pack up and leave Haran, and he did it.  When we think of Abraham, we think of great faith.  And God honored that.  (Genesis 12)

A generation later, Isaac finds himself in a season of famine, and the Lord tells him to stay put. The generational faith of Abraham is noted, and Isaac’s own determination to seek and obey the Lord is blessed.  “Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold because the Lord blessed him.”  Genesis 26:12.

Let’s take this season as a generational opportunity to demonstrate faith which pleases the Lord and trains up the generations over whom we have influence.  In a time which could be described as famine, let’s sow seeds of generosity and love wherever we can, trusting that there will be a great harvest of the type God values within our own families and among the neighbors we can serve.

And, even though our Giving Funds may be somewhat depleted, let’s seek the Lord on strategic financial gifts which He may well bless one hundredfold.

Faith in a season of famine.  Let’s sow that opposite seed and marvel at how the Lord moves.

For the Kingdom.


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