Past Events


In April 2017, NCF giver and NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins spoke at the NCF West Michigan Celebration of Generosity. This event was a celebration of what God is doing through the generosity of the NCF West Michigan family and was focused on three things:

* Give God the glory He deserves.
* Honor NCF givers.
* Illustrate the fruit resulting from $250 million worth of Kingdom investment.

The Lord’s favor was palpable throughout the event just as it has been evident in the full NCF West Michigan Journey.

We hope that you’ll take 24 minutes to watch this inspirational and heartfelt message from Kirk:


In November 2017 we offered an event “Prepared to Carry On” in partnership with several local churches. It featured the testimony of one of our board members, Karen Melby, along with the insights offered by local financial advisor, Andrea Karsten and attorney, Lisa Hagenauer. This program inspired and equipped hundreds of local women to embrace their role as a steward, and to consider how they would fulfil that role in the event of a significant life change such as the passing of a spouse.

Their practical advice, seasoned with heart felt insights born out of personal experience were presented through a series of interviews with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth August 20-24 on Revive Our Hearts broadcast by Moody Radio. This program is available for download or streaming HERE.

Many of you have expressed your wish that a friend or family member had been able to attend that event. This is a great opportunity to share that content with those close to you, and to refresh yourself on the lessons learned.

Our prayer is that this information will once again be a blessing to many women and their families, that God will use it for his purposes. As always, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to encourage you in your journey of living generously as stewards of God’s countless blessings.

In His Service,
Jamison S. Kuiper, J.D.