5 Reasons to Talk to NCF Today

Many people have a financial strategy, but they don’t have a giving strategy. Therefore, they are missing opportunities and spending too much money on taxes. National Christian Foundation (NCF) helps people create a giving strategy so they can be wise stewards of all they have, now and after they are gone, and experience the joy of greater generosity.

#1: Explore if an NCF Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund) is Right for You 

Think of a Giving Fund like a charitable checking account. As an alternative to a private foundation, it allows you to give now (in high income years, bonuses, windfalls) and grant later. It is a tax efficient way to manage your charitable giving.

#2: Create Your Personalized Giving Strategy

Our experts will guide you through all the complexities of charitable giving, showing you new tools for reaching your giving and financial goals.  Experience the transformative power of developing your Giving Strategy.

#3: Sell Appreciated Assets With the Kingdom AND Finances in Mind.

Assets like appreciated securities, business interests, real estate, personal property (royalties, copyrights, patents), loan notes, estate gifts, retirement plans, etc. can be donated to a Giving Fund to eliminate or reduce capital gains.  You may use a strategy of Give and Sell OR Give and Hold for complex gifts. NCF can help you identify your options. wisconsin.ncfgiving.com/forms/stockgiving and www.ncfgiving.com/solutions/non-cash/

#4: Manage IRA Distributions

Understand how to maximize your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) in the most effective way by using a qualifying Designated Fund with NCF.

#5: Steward Assets Through Testamentary Giving

Ensure a legacy of charity beyond your lifetime by reducing your estate’s tax burden and gain the comfort of knowing that your goals and objectives are carried out, even when you are gone.

NCF can guide you in creating a legacy of generosity with a personalized Giving Strategy for your family!