Madison Christian Giving Fund (MCGF)

The Madison Christian Giving Fund (MCGF) raises money to support faith-based initiatives to expand God’s Kingdom. Fund categories include evangelism, human needs, social justice, and children & youth. Grants are given based on the criteria of impact, leverage and reach.

Donations can also be mailed: PO Box 259240 | Madison, WI 53725

Annual Madison Giving Campaign
Each year, the Madison Christian Giving Fund sponsors an annual campaign to raise funds for allocation next year. Our campaign goal is $150,000. Donors can pledge support in the categories of Evangelism, Human Needs, Social Justice and Children & Youth. With the donations, annual grants are awarded based on an evaluation process that leverages reach. Since 2014, grants totaling $343,000 were given. Contact for more information.

For more information about the Madison Christian Giving Fund, contact Scott Haumersen at 608.442.1925 or email