Resources for the Community in Response to COVID-19

The new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides a much-needed stimulus boost for businesses, nonprofits, and government. But what is in the legislation, what type of relief can charities and businesses (even churches) expect from this unprecedented package, and how can they get it? Breaking down the CARES Act: 7 helpful resources on the Paycheck Protection Act, stimulus bill, nonprofit resources and a tax summary, and more.

Resources for Generous Givers

Resources for Small Businesses

Resources for Nonprofits (churches and ministries)

  • Churches Helping Churches encourages more stable churches to help smaller at-risk churches by providing direct assistance. The need is most acute in low-income, urban areas.
    • Stable churches are needed to financially help at-risk churches at small levels (e.g. ~$3,000 per church).
    • At risk churches can apply to receive aid.