Local Charities Need Your Kokua

NCF Hawaii supports our local ministries.  This month we are highlighting three local ministries that impact our culture, spread the gospel and help our poor and needy. 

Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM)

Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) 

P.O. Box 777, Honolulu, Hawaii 96808  |  info@himonline.org; (808) 988-9777

Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) is a Hawaii-based Christian ministry that equips, unifies and encourages followers of Jesus Christ through seminars and conferences in Hawaii.  At our conferences, we WORSHIP. we offer HOPE. and we provide TOOLS to bring together the Body of Christ across denominational, racial, cultural and generational differences in a way unlike any other conference or event to stand as a family in God’s grace to be God’s people.

We WORSHIP. We offer HOPE. AND we provide TOOLS. And we bring together the Body of Christ in a way unlike any other conference or event — across cultural differences, unique traditions, generational idiosyncrasies, blind spots, perspectives, preferences and dysfunctions to stand as a family in God’s grace to be God’s people.

Roads to Hope

Contact: Dr. George Rhoades, Jr.  |  P.O. Box 1164, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

Roads to Hope was created in April 2010 by Dr. George F. Rhoades, Jr. It is a non-profit humanitarian organization based in Hawaii but devoted to helping those traumatized around the world by man made (war, terrorism, etc) and natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.). Roads to Hope is committed to helping the whole person, addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical aftereffects of the traumas.  To help facilitate this, Roads to Hope will encourage the scientific study of trauma, the education of the effects of trauma and the treatment of those traumatized. We welcome the involvement of students and professionals in the fields of counseling, psychology, social work, medicine and pastoral ministry.

There are many people struggling with needs around the world and the impact a caring heart can have is substantial.
— Dr. George Rhoades, Founder of Roads to Hope

PEACE Hawaii

2214 N. King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819  |  (808) 841 7022

Executive Director: Shirley Y. Kinoshita  |  admin@peacehawaii.org

Peace Hawaii is part of Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity.  Their focus is making it easier for faith families to navigate the difficult issues in public education. They help build positive schools and communities, engaging others in Biblical, practical ways. 

PEACE Hawaii and other PEACE Global organizations empower traditional-minded parents to build positive relationships with their schools, help educators understand the needs of their faith community and work with the schools to develop realistic and relevant learning accommodations. PEACE works with religious organizations, parents, government representatives, and publicly-funded school systems to understand, be informed, and improve communication around the issue of sensitive curriculum.