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Grow support in exciting new ways

What if you could expand your fundraising and development efforts by helping your donors give in creative, tax-efficient ways? With NCF's giving solutions, you can.

We’re here to help multiply your impact

Whether you’re at a large non-profit, a small charity, or a local church, our team at NCF can come alongside you to grow your support so you can do more of the work you’re called to do.

Solutions for you

We support charities by helping your donors give non-cash assets, managing various CGA administrative functions, and providing Single-Charity Funds (read more below).

Solutions for your supporters

We help you help your donors give non-cash assets like stocks and business interests, sending money that would have gone to taxes to support your work instead.

Profile pages to share your story

When NCF givers sign in to their Giving Funds on our website, they can browse your Charity Profile page to learn more about you and support your work.

Single-Charity Fund

A traditional foundation typically involves a long setup process, legal fees, and ongoing costs. But with a Single-Charity Fund at NCF, your donors can contribute cash or non-cash assets to the fund, and we handle the administration and send money back to you.

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The power of non-cash giving

Our team at NCF specializes in helping your supporters give appreciated assets, such as stocks, business interests, and real estate. We receive and liquidate the asset, relieving your team of the administrative burden, and then we send the net proceeds back to support your work. We can accept:

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CGA services

Our team at NCF can support your CGA program by managing administrative aspects, which allows you to focus on marketing and education to your supporters. We receive the donor’s CGA application form and contribution, confirm the application and asset(s) contributed are acceptable, issue the CGA contract and receipts, invest liquidated asset(s), file reports and registrations, place the present value of the future gift in your Single-Charity Fund, and more.

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We would be honored to serve you and your donors.

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