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Grow your practice, grow your impact

Our team of giving experts at NCF can come alongside you with the most creative and tax-saving charitable solutions available today.

There’s strength in numbers.

With offices across the country, decades of leadership and innovation, and more than $12 billion granted to 63,000 charities, NCF is comprised of some of the brightest, most passionate experts in charitable giving today. We can work with you to help your clients save taxes, reduce paperwork and hassles, and send more to charity than they ever thought possible.

More value for your clients

The individuals and families you serve will experience the joy of simplifying their giving and multiplying their impact.

Greater purpose in your practice

When you incorporate charitable giving into your work, your practice becomes a ministry.

Stronger relationships at your office

Your colleagues and employees will appreciate being part of an organization that has a charitable focus.

Giving Fund

A Giving Fund (donor-advised fund) is a simple alternative to a private foundation for your clients. They make gifts into the Fund, invest the balance for growth (including separately managed options), and then go online to recommend grants to charities.

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The power of non-cash giving

Our team at NCF specializes in helping your clients give appreciated assets such as stocks, business interests, and real estate. We receive and liquidate the asset and place the net proceeds into their Giving Fund, and then they go online to recommend grants to their favorite causes. We can accept:

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Going deeper and finding joy

After years as a professional advisor focused solely on building financial plans and investment strategies for his clients, Jeff Thomas of Archetype Wealth Partners in Houston, Texas was inspired to go deeper with his clients to help them think beyond themselves and discover the joy of giving. He works closely with NCF’s team of charitable experts to pour into the lives of high-capacity givers and maximize their impact for eternity, not just their lifestyle and net worth.

We would be honored to serve you and your clients.

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