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News and events

Welcome Dan Stroud, NCF's new national CEO!

July 31, 2020
News and events

NCF givers invest together to help a million people fall asleep

July 09, 2020
Impact Foundation
News and events

A hopeful view of justice and peace

June 10, 2020
News and events

Mobilizing help in crisis: NCF South Florida responds during a pandemic

June 05, 2020
Sheila Dolinger
News and events

How pro athletes are empowering female and minority entrepreneurs

May 27, 2020
Front Office Sports
News and events

Infographic: NCF givers mobilize $196 million for charities in March, April

May 25, 2020
Katie Colucci
News and events

How Christians are hacking their way to coronavirus help

May 19, 2020
Christianity Today

Simulcast concert brings in $153,000 for struggling urban churches

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