Causes and charities
Causes and charities

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Causes and charities

The third finish line: A body – a church – in every place

January 09, 2020
by Bekele Shanko
Causes and charities

The second finish line: A Bible for every people group

January 08, 2020
by Mart Green
Causes and charities

All the easy places are taken: The risk of reaching the unreached

January 07, 2020
by Lausanne Movement
Causes and charities

The first finish line: Believers in every nation

January 07, 2020
by Paul Eshleman
Causes and charities

Inviting the world to coffee: A couple's commitment to refugees

January 03, 2020
by NCF
Causes and charities

Jeopardizing what we already have: The overlooked role of widows in your church

December 30, 2019
by Jill Foley Turner
Causes and charities

In metro DC, a dead mall now provides housing for the homeless

December 20, 2019
by Nonprofit Quarterly

6 causes impacted by your generosity in 2019: #Thanksforgiving

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