Mike and Larinda Rogers: A vision for impact, and a call to wait

Mike and Larinda Rogers believe that everything they have is from the Lord. Because of this, they are called to tithe. But when the upcoming sale of their business left them uncertain of where to give the profits, God’s answer to “wait”  came in the form of an introduction to NCF.  

Thoughtful tithing
Mike remembers the 2009 conversation clearly. He had just landed at the Albuquerque airport, in town to speak at an upcoming conference. He and a fellow presenter, who worked for the National Christian Foundation, were sharing a cab downtown when he was asked the question that changed everything: “Have you ever thought about donating part of your business to a charitable foundation?” At the time Mike’s answer was no; he had never considered that, and he thought to himself that he probably never would again. 

But God had other plans. 

Two years later, Mike was preparing to sell his database marketing business. He and Larinda prayed faithfully about how they could tithe the income from the sale–a decision they needed to make fast. “Making a quick decision didn’t make sense for us at the time,”  remembers Mike. “We wanted to do more than write a check. We wanted to take these dollars and invest them into an impact for-profit business. We needed time to pray and be directed by the Lord.” 

More than a question
Suddenly, the question from the cab didn’t seem like such a crazy idea. NCF felt like the perfect match for Mike and Larinda. “They have the daily knowledge and expertise to handle sales like this while also seeking God, his plan, and his purposes,” says Larinda. Selling the business with the proceeds going into a donor-advised fund gave the Rogers time to be intentional and grow the fund for the right impact business. 

Today, Mike and Larinda remain obedient, waiting on God to show them how  to use this gift that he provided. They believe he has placed it on their hearts to specifically help young girls and women in vulnerable situations. Keeping a close relationship with NCF gives the Rogers insight and shape to their vision by introducing different giving options and connecting them relationally with other givers. “We value events like the Generous Giving conference to connect with others,” says Mike. “NCF educates us on how our dollars can be put to use in a more sustainable way that has a greater exponential impact for God’s kingdom.” 

Mike and Larinda do not sit idle as they wait on the Lord. Mike is on the board of Heartland Community Church and regularly travels to New York University to complete his master’s degree in business analytics and artificial intelligence. They have four children, and Larinda helps care for their grandchildren. Over the years, the Rogers have traveled around the world, serving organizations like Hope of Life, Impact Foundation, and Global Orphan Project. They’ve opened their home to a young Guatemalan woman and continue to pray for how they can help the indigenous people in Central America focus on profitable and sustainable business concepts. 

One unexpected question years ago led to an eternity of impact.

How can we help you approach giving differently in answer to God’s call to live generously?