Our North Texas Ministry

The National Christian Foundation of North Texas was formed in 2008 with the mission to serve and encourage givers to grow as faithful stewards who excel in giving to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The backbone of our giving ministry is our direct affiliation with the National Christian Foundation (NCF). Formed in 1982 by Larry Burkett, Ron Blue and Terry Parker, NCF and its local affiliates have helped thousands of givers deliver more than $12B to over 63,000 charities and ministries. This direct affiliation with NCF and other strategic ministry partners allows us to be much more than a provider of tools for giving. Our heart and real essence is a community of generous Christian givers from the North Texas area. We serve this community in three primary ways.

(1)    Helping navigate the giving journey.

We are designed to help givers in North Texas better understand the connection between their finances and their faith. We believe that this connection evolves and matures throughout the life journey, in good economic times and bad. It is a connection that is strengthened in community, and passed down to younger generations of growing believers. We help create networks within the generous community – by business, by gender, by generation and by giving passions. These networks allow iron to sharpen iron by hosting regular large and small group events. In community, we celebrate giving testimonies and provide biblical teaching of God’s truth about generosity. 

(2)    Providing tools for leveraged Kingdom investments.

Through our affiliation with NCF, we offer an array of excellent giving tools that allow givers to shift significant amounts of tax dollars to giving dollars. These include Donor Advised Funds, innovative non-liquid gift strategies, complex gift planning, and charitable gift annuity services.

(3)    Planning Kingdom investments.

God stands ready to instruct each believer as to where and how much of His assets to give. We provide tools and resources to help givers formulate and fine-tune personalized giving profiles.

We want something for you and your family – at no cost to you. With the exception of certain giving tools offered through our affiliation with NCF, access to our giving community and our ministry is free.