Advisors: News and Trends (August 2018)

Client Relations

On Philanthropy, Here’s What Clients Want (and Don’t Get) From Advisors 
(Think Advisor – July 19, 2018)

Advisors and their wealthy clientele are engaging in more frequent conversations about philanthropy, but advisors still fail to fully grasp their clients’ motivations and hesitations about charitable giving. (read more)

Giving Strategy

Charitable Donations Are Tough To Get Under The New Tax Law. Here’s The Work-Around
(Forbes – July 10, 2018)

The revamped tax code is expected to curb deductions for charitable giving this year. The reason: The standard deduction has almost doubled, to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for couples. Surmounting those levels to gain the charitable write-off, which is only available through itemizing, will be tough next tax season. (read more)

New CGA Rates Mean Greater Benefits for Givers of All Ages
(National Christian Foundation – July 09, 2018)

How would you like to boost your retirement income and support the charities that you love? As of July 1st, the increase in Charitable Gift Annuity payout rates makes this type of gift arrangement an even smarter option than ever before. (read more)

For Your Clients

How to Make the Biggest Impact with Your Charitable Giving
(Fast Company – August 8, 2018)

At a time when every cause seems like a worthy cause, it’s essential to have strategy for giving that is proactive rather than reactive. Here are six ways to ensure your charitable giving has the most impact. (read more)

How to Fund Your Charitable Giving in Retirement
(CBS News – August 22, 2018)

What’s the best way for all groups of retirees — men and women, both single and married — to donate to charities without worrying about running out of money? It’s a mistake to simply consider your retirement savings as a pot of money from which you can write checks to charity. That’s a good way to outlive your savings if you’re not careful. (read more)

5 Things Smart Givers Do
(National Christain Foundation – August 15, 2018)

Only a small percentage of givers use techniques that maximize their effectiveness, while the majority are unaware that they are collectively paying millions in taxes that could be funding the charities they are passionate about. If you’d like to make sure you’re aware of the valuable tools and strategies that smart givers are using to make a greater impact, here are our top five ideas. (read more)


“Advisor News” is a bi-monthly series meant to equip advisors to best serve their clients in the realm of generosity with the most up-to-date giving strategies and trends.  

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