Non-Cash Giving

Give more, more wisely

By donating long-term, appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and send more to charities.

A smarter way to give

You probably dream of giving significantly more to the charities you love, but often that seems out of reach. With non-cash giving at NCF, it’s possible. You transfer part or all your asset to NCF before the sale, thereby reducing or eliminating capital gains taxes, and then we liquidate the asset at the right time. The net proceeds go to your Giving Fund, which you can use to go online to send more to the causes you love.

Less to taxes

You typically receive a tax deduction for the fair-market value of your gift.

More to charity

The capital gains taxes you save from giving directly means more goes to support charities.

Personal savings

Because you receive the full tax deduction, you’ll see significant savings on your income tax returns.

The Typical Giver

IRS statistics show that most people give from cash, even though their wealth is held in non-cash assets*.

Assets Owned


Assets Given


* IRS averages data from 2012-2016

Assets we can help you give

Whether you’re passionate about Christian education or ending homelessness, you can do more for the causes you love by giving most any kind of appreciated non-cash asset.

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Todd Harrison's business transfer

“If you really believe that God owns it all, the only obvious choice is to use a vehicle like NCF to make a physical transfer of business ownership. It’s about so much more than tax benefits. It’s transferring ownership – stock certificates – to God’s ministry.”

The results of giving from net worth

This table shows the impact of giving a 3% non-voting interest in a $10M family business (S-corp), with $1 million of K-1 income.

Net Cash Flow$337,380$471,180

The “After” column sums $1.3M because the $300,000 charitable gift came from the company value, not out of earnings. It represents just the first year, but the gift could be repeated annually for more giving. The example above assumes a 5% state tax rate.

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