Supporting organization

Manage grantmaking and ministry activity

A supporting organization (SO) allows you to make an impact for charities while receiving administrative and investment support from NCF.

A flexible solution for charitable impact

An SO is a qualified, tax-exempt public charity that allows you, your family, or your business to manage grantmaking to charitable organizations. Following the charitable purposes the SO board establishes, you receive administrative, grants management, and investment management support from NCF.

Board representation

We provide oversight, advisement, and policy development, as well as board meeting supervision and agenda creation.

Operational support

We provide grant administration, oversight on operational guidelines, and monitoring of IRS provisions.

Administrative support

We provide bookkeeping, financial reporting, and IRS/state compliance (services are optional and vary based upon SO needs/structure).

Reasons to consider an SO

Unlike a Giving Fund, an SO can have full-time employees, cover operating expenses, provide benefits (such as a health plan and retirement plan), and provide for family involvement and succession. However, many people combine the benefits of both the SO and Giving Fund to further their giving goals and objectives.

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An entrepreneur inspires a movement of change

Movement Mortgage has given away almost $26 million to charity through the Movement Foundation, a supporting organization through NCF. Since its founding in 2012, the foundation has spurred innovative charitable initiatives from the Movement Center and Movement School in Charlotte, NC, to the development of a commercial farm to empower growers in Uganda, East Africa.

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