How will you choose to use your influence?

What started as a desire to create a unified Christian effort to transform South Florida—one of the least churched, most socio-economically and culturally diverse communities in the country—has grown to a foundation that has invested more than $175.8 million in non-profits, equipped more than 750 leaders and united more than 150 churches in less than two decades!

God has done so much through the National Christian Foundation of South Florida family. Because ordinary people chose to use their influence to invest, equip and unite, the South Florida community has experienced an overwhelming outpouring of God’s love.

  • We build bridges to unite the South Florida community—time, talent, and treasure—to help others and make a difference.
  • Through Lifework Leadership, NCFSF proactively seeks to train leaders to use their influence to marry their Sunday faith to their everyday work life.
  • Through Church United, more than 150 churches are working together hand-in-hand for the first time in history and holistically caring about the South Florida community.

More than just a donation, our clients intentionally invest in ministries with the expectation of seeing a marked change in the areas they serve. We match donor passions to leading ministries to achieve a strategic vision God has placed on our clients’ hearts.

The unique model of invest, equip, and unite helped one South Florida single mother get her very own home.

“I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I knew God had something planned for me,” said Cassandra Baker.

Our clients gave to Habitat for Humanity. Church United organized LoveSFL, a month-long outreach encouraging our local congregations to pray, give + serve our communities as we seek to display the love of God throughout South Florida. And Lifework Leadership participants volunteered to build Ms. Baker’s home. Together, these three groups of NCFSF worked together to generously transform a family’s life in the name of Jesus.

Ready to join the South Florida generosity culture shift?

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