Emily Kreisel

Outreach Director
Emily Kreisel

Emily joined NCF South Florida in 2016 as an intern for the Church United team; currently she serves as the Outreach Director for NCFSF, focusing on event coordination and marketing and communications for the NCFSF, Lifework, and Church United teams.

Emily has also supported StrikeForce 421, South Florida’s first Christian women’s giving circle, during her tenure at NCF South Florida and currently serves on the Board of Trustees.

Before joining NCFSF, Emily studied at Wheaton College (IL), where she received her B.A. in Business/Economics and a minor in Spanish. While there, she completed an internship at Jumpstart for Young Children, a nonprofit focused on improving early childhood education specifically in low-income neighborhoods, and studied abroad in Costa Rica, where she lived with a host family and studied Central American culture, focusing on small businesses.

A South Florida native, Emily is passionate about making the place she calls home the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Contact Emily at ekreisel@ncfgiving.com.