Nelson Telemaco

Founder and CEO, Proximity Works
Nelson Telemaco

Broward Community Board Member

Nelson Telemaco is a visionary leader with a successful track record leading, building, and transforming domestic and international businesses towards optimal performance. For over 20 years, Nelson has served in a variety of multi-disciplinary leadership roles with some of the world’s largest financial institutions where he was responsible for building or re-engineering 8 business units impacting results across over 100 countries.

Nelson founded and is currently CEO of Proximity Works, a consulting and private equity firm. His contributions and influence has spanned leading and consulting for top global companies, launching and coaching start-ups, and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Nelson also serves as board member of several organizations including corporate, public service, and nonprofits and is active with a number of charitable faith-based organizations.

Nelson is the loving husband to his college sweetheart and proud father to two amazing kids who love God and people as much as he does.

Nelson is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelors in Economics, minor in Psychology, with a concentration of studies in Marketing and Communications.