We’re changing the narrative of South Florida

When the word of the shootings at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport began to spread, the Church sprung to action. At first one church showed up, praying and handing out water and snacks. Then organically, more and more churches came to support people affected; turning tragedy into a demonstration of God’s love and mercy.

18 months earlier, church leaders in South Florida came together committed to connecting, collaborating and celebrating with one another. Out of those early meetings emerged Church United.

Church United believes…

  • When the gospel saturates the region, generosity is reimagined
  • Sunday’s faith should be connected to Monday’s work
  • Healthy leaders lead healthy churches
  • When churches work together, God’s work is magnified.

National Christian Foundation South Florida cultivates partnerships, uniting churches, businesses, and faith, to see theSouth Florida community’s needs met. Through this, Church United is changing the narrative of South Florida is through #LoveSFL

Love South Florida is a month-long outreach powered by Church United and the churches of South Florida. Running November 1-30, we encourage our local congregations to pray, give + serve our communities as we seek to display the love of God throughout South Florida. This year, more than ten thousand people from 60+ churches raised more than a quarter of a million dollars, collected hundreds of pounds of food and served dozens of communities big and small to spread the love of God by:

  • Remodeling homes
  • Delivering food to food-insecure families
  • Cleaning and painting schools
  • Praying with community leaders

Our ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus by connecting resources to ministries that help others.

Ready to help change the narrative?

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