7 (more) questions to ask God about your giving

What if you could ask God any question you wanted about money and get an answer? The truth is – you can! If you’ve already prayed through the first seven questions, try these to find out where God might lead you next on your giving journey.

Money will always try to gain first place in your heart. That’s why Jesus warned us that it’s impossible to love it and him at the same time. Jesus knew we needed to fight the desire to keep it all, and God knows our hearts. If we ask him, he will lead us. Consider all you’ve been given as you pray through the questions below.

Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth;
unite my heart to fear your name.
– Psalm 86:11

Here are 7 questions you can ask God

  1. James 4:13-17 reminds us that we can’t know how much money we will make (or lose) tomorrow, or even whether we will be here then. It’s presumptuous of us to accumulate a large amount of money that may not be used for God in the future, but how much is too much? Lord, how do I know how much to give?
  2. Is my heart in danger of getting wrapped up in earthly treasure, rather than heavenly treasure? Will the same heart that’s prompting me to give today, later persuade me to keep because I ignored your prompting to give?” Lord, lead me to put my treasure where you want my heart to follow (Matthew 6:21).
  3. Will my children resent me giving money to your kingdom instead of leaving it for them? Is this an indication they’re not qualified to receive it? If so, please lead me to the ways I can share my story and values with them that will connect with their hearts. Please, Lord, let me leave a legacy of generosity to my children, so they can share in the joy of giving.
  4. Am I supposed to be leading others into further generosity? If so, Lord, please make clear to me who you are calling and what you want me to share from what you’ve taught me about the spiritual discipline of giving.
  5. I’ve made a list of all the assets you’ve entrusted to me. Please take my list and tell me what you want me to give away. Did I leave anything off my list, anything I’m treating as if it were untouchable, as if it were mine, not yours?
  6. How do you want me to set my standard of living? Do you want me to set a basic level of income and assets to live on, then immediately give away whatever you provide beyond that? Or is there a giving goal I should set first and then plan my lifestyle around that?
  7. What do I have that will be wasted if I don’t give it away now instead of saving it for later?

These questions originally appeared at Eternal Perspectives Ministries and are used here with the author’s permission.

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