9 ways to teach your child about charity

Charity and the spirit of giving have been spurred on in the last few years. Especially in light of natural disasters and tragedies around the globe, responsive giving is on the rise. But there are ways we can train our families to give all the time, not just after a disaster.

After witnessing the horrific images of pain and suffering streaming steadily across their TV sets, more people than ever before have dipped deeper into their own pockets to offer needed relief to the survivors of unprecedented events.

And they want to train their children to be givers too, to learn about charity and the importance of reaching out to others in their time of need. Some have made generous family donations, often involving their children in choosing the charity, writing the check, and preparing and mailing an envelope. This allows kids to witness parents turning the pain and grief into an extension of love and compassion to unknown people half way around the world.

But what if parents want lessons about charity to be more than a one-time occurrence, more than a response to disaster? What if they want the spirit of giving to be a way of life for their children? How can they make charity become a habit?

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