Resources for the Community: Covid-19 and Racial Injustice

Breaking down the CARES Act: 7 helpful resources on the stimulus bill, nonprofit resources and a tax summary, and more.

Resources for Generous Givers

Resources for Small Businesses

Resources Addressing Racial Injustice

  • Programming and Conversations
    • City on a Hill offers an innovative program called Removing Racial Residue. The training focuses on three levels of “racial residue” and teaches practical steps to remove the racial residue we identify in ourselves and in others.
    • Plain English is builds bridges to address issues of race and culture through honest conversations. They offer cross-cultural leadership coaching sessions, literacy sessions, podcasts, videocasts, facilitated discussions on race & diversity and more.
    • BASICS in Milwaukee hosts Front Row Seat, a panel dialogue for understanding and facing racism together. They also offer We Race Ahead, a multiethnic movement spanning city and suburban spaces. It was established to end systemic racism and bridge intercultural gaps across public and private sectors.
    • The Milwaukee Declaration builds bridges to racial reconstruction through our love for God and our neighbor. They often host forums for people of faith to discuss race in today’s America. Milwaukee Declaration Pastor Matt Erickson published resources for furthering the race conversation.
  • Economic Development
    • UpStart Kitchen is a food business incubator that caters to entrepreneurs, offering resources, training, mentoring, and community—to help launch dreams, elevate their economic status and create generational wealth in Milwaukee.
    • Milwaukee JobsWork prepares and encourages motivated individuals living in poverty to achieve economic self-sufficiency through sustainable employment.
    • Partners in Hope is a prisoner reentry program that helps the previously incarcerated living maintain sustainable employment, increase their skills, live free of addictions in stable housing and contribute back to their community.
    • James Place is a neighborhood resource center that works with homeless, disenfranchised, mentally ill, and jobless to assist people with resume writing, budget coaching, finding jobs, preparing for interviews, finding shelter and assistance, and more.
    • The Joseph Project is a faith-based jobs initiative through Greater Praise Church of God in Christ that connects people with jobs. Participants go through a weeklong life skills training program and then are offered a chance to interview with companies looking to hire.

Resources for Nonprofits (churches and ministries)