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We are highlighting unique ministries because of their impact in meeting community needs and Kingdom building. NCF does not endorse organizations, rather, it is our desire to highlight fruitful, faithful and loving ministries who are serving, especially during times of crisis.

Compass – Helping You on Your Journey of Financial Discipleship

While Compass traces their origins all the way back to Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton in the 1980’s, Compass|Finances God’s Way really got started in 2010 when Christ-centered leaders started to teach finances God’s way to other Christians for long-lasting results. God has allowed Compass to serve people in over 60 countries as they pursue freedom and obedience by paying off debt, saving for the future and giving generously. Their mission is to see everyone, everywhere faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives.

God has SO much to say about money. He put over 2,350 verses on money in scripture as He knew money and wealth would compete for our obedience to Him like no other thing in this present world. Jesus invites us to make a choice to serve Him, rather than money (Matt 6:24). Jesus commissioned us to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20) and teach them to obey everything He commanded.

How to Get Involved:

  • Read Howard Dayton’s bestselling book, “Your Money Counts” – available here as a free download.
  • Since 15% of everything Jesus talked about had to do with money and possessions, Compass invites Christians to learn how to handle money God’s way, or lead people along a journey of financial discipleship. If you would like to continue growing on your financial discipleship journey, or help others grow, please contact Nick Breach,
  • Compass invites you to prayerfully consider a donation to support their work in Wisconsin. Donate here.
2020 Compass Conference in Green Lake, WI

Let us love not with words or speech but with action and in truth.
– 1 John 3:18

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Stories are powerful! If you have stories of God’s work in, through and around you, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps your story might be of encouragement and inspiration to others. Email Angela Smith.