Giving Fund

Experience a whole new way to give

Manage all your giving from any device, reduce paperwork, and make the biggest possible impact for the causes you love.

Generosity at your fingertips

A Giving Fund at NCF is an easy-to-create, low-cost, flexible account for charitable giving that is a popular alternative to creating a private foundation. Also known as a donor-advised fund, it’s the fastest growing charitable vehicle in America today.

Make tax-deductible gifts

Contribute all kinds of assets … not just cash and checks but also non-cash gifts like stocks and business interests.

Choose an investment option

Select from our investment pools that give your Fund balance the potential to grow tax-free.

Recommend grants

Login to browse thousands of charity profile pages. Select your favorites, and NCF sends them money for you.

Take a tour

A Giving Fund works like a charitable checking account, and when you see it in action, you'll know why. You make gifts into the Fund and then recommend grants to your favorite charities from any device. And NCF sends the charity money to support their work.

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Powerful benefits, Christian values

When you open a Giving Fund with NCF, you not only experience tangible benefits that simplify your giving and multiply your impact, but you also join tens of thousands of givers around the world in an unprecedented movement of Christian generosity.

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Generosity through generations

Jimmy Pursell grew his company into one of the largest producers of coated fertilizer in the world. Today, his son, David, is using the business to support needy children as he inspires his own children to be generous through their Giving Funds.


Your support of NCF's ministry

When you open a Giving Fund, you not only experience an exciting new way to give, you also join a worldwide community of givers who have helped send over $10 billion to 55,000 charities. To fund this level of impact, we retain a small monthly amount accrued daily, based on the ending balance for that day. For example, 1/365th of 1 percent is assessed each day for Funds with a balance under $1,000,000. Funds will be assessed a minimum of $20 a month.

Amount Allocation
First $1,000,000 1.00 percent
Next $1,000,000 .85 percent
Next $1,000,000 .75 percent
Next $2,000,000 .50 percent
Next $5,000,000 Contact NCF
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When you stop to compare, there's really no comparison.

If you’re writing checks directly to charities, or if you’re managing a private foundation, we think you’ll love the Giving Fund. Less paperwork and hassles, more flexibility and impact, and an online experience like no other. The choice is simple.

Giving Fund
Direct Giving
Give online all in one place, and run reports of your giving history.
Give in one year for tax purposes, then support your favorite causes the next.
Give and grant from your laptop or phone, and run activity and history reports.
Request that some or all of your grants go to charities anonymously.
Discover new charities, and explore the latest generosity trends and stories.
Giving Fund
Private Foundation
Let NCF handle all administration, instead of submitting IRS -990 and other forms.
Reduce taxes because of higher AGI limits on non-cash gifts.
Grant anonymously, since there are no 990 public filings for your Giving Fund.
Use NCF's website to find charities and causes, reducing custom research.

Open a Giving Fund, and open up a whole new way to give.

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