Grow your Giving Fund

Select from a variety of options to invest your Giving Fund balance for growth – from NCF’s own investment pools to separately managed accounts with your advisor.

NCF's investment pools

When opening a Giving Fund, you can choose from one of our investment pools that range from stable value with no risk of fluctuation in principal value, to very high risk with substantial exposure to market fluctuations. You can also change pools when you log in to your Fund (on the “Fund settings” page).

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Impact Investing:
A different way to have impact

With impact investing at NCF, now you have a powerful way to pursue financial returns and make a spiritual impact, even before you recommend grants to charities. You select an impact opportunity, the company or charity puts the money to work, and the earnings go back into your Fund. Then, you can make more impact investments or continue granting to your favorite charities.

Separately managed accounts (SMAs)

If you prefer a more customized approach to the management of the assets in your Giving Fund, NCF offers separately managed accounts (SMAs). Once your Fund balance is over $300,000, you can recommend a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to manage the assets in your Giving Fund.

How do I get started?

Contact our team to nominate your advisor to manage the assets in your Giving Fund. Once your SMA is approved, it can be funded through an already existing Giving Fund at NCF or with new gifts.

What's the process?

If your advisor is new to NCF, our investment team will perform the appropriate due diligence on their firm to ensure that they meet NCF’s standards for managing assets. After that, our team will work with you and your advisor to complete the necessary forms.

What if I want to support a charity immediately?

If you want to recommend grants while your SMA is still in the approval process, we suggest you leave a portion of your Fund balance in one of NCF’s regular investment pools. This will ensure that there are liquid funds available to cover those grants.

Call our team to discuss a separately managed account.

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