Separately managed accounts

Give your advisor access to manage your fund's investments in order to maximize charitable impact

What is a separately managed account (SMA)?

A flexible option for any NCF donor-advised fund that allows an advisor to provide investment services for the charitable dollars in the fund.

Continuity from your trusted advisor

Align your fund’s investment objectives with your advisor’s guidance, reporting, and oversight.

Flexibility for investment goals

Design unique investment strategies with your advisor customized to achieve your grantmaking goals.

Tax-free growth of invested assets

Any appreciation is tax free and increases amounts available to recommend as grants.

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Are you a trusted advisor?

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we know the clients you support are your top priority. The legacy, strategy, and relationship you’ve created with them is important, as you’ve planned charitable giving goals and investing strategies together. SMAs support your clients, minimizing any stress by streamlining and customizing investment options.

Are you considering an SMA?

Opening an SMA is seamless and efficient. Here are some next-steps and considerations:

  • Connect with your NCF team to discuss whether an SMA is the appropriate vehicle to accomplish your charitable goals.
  • Identify your advisor, and NCF will contact them to establish an account.
  • Once your SMA is established, your advisor can immediately manage and invest the assets in your fund.
  • Your fund must have and maintain a minimum balance of $300,000.
  • A five percent cash reserve in your NCF fund is required to cover ongoing grantmaking.
  • Any advisors must be either a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), or a state or federally chartered bank.

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