7 ways to pray for Ukraine after 6 months of war

Six months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 13 million Ukrainians have been displaced. More than 1.5 million Ukrainians have been deported to Russia, and thousands have been injured or killed. Last week, a Russian mercenary stood up with the skull of a Ukrainian soldier and explained why all Ukrainians must die. He received more than 2 million likes on YouTube.

But NCF givers have fought evil with an outpouring of gifts, totaling more than $70 million. You have given; you have prayed. Some of you have befriended refugees in your churches and neighborhoods. Many of you have not grown weary in doing good, and God sees your work.

In addition to your gifts, however, Ukraine needs your prayers. Here are seven ways you can pray for Ukraine right now:

  1. Pray for physical healing and medical care. In war zones in the east, supplies have been slow to arrive, though there are some shining exceptions among the charities you have supported. Several of these charities received grants from your Giving Funds which helped purchase ambulances, containers full of medical supplies, even specially equipped vehicles to evacuate children with special needs. One is providing for hospitals and fighting cholera with safe water. Pray for complete physical healing for the wounded and for those suffering from trauma.
  2. Pray for spiritual healing. Many are asking Ukrainians to forgive while Russian soldiers are still inside their borders. One Ukrainian seminarian explained the difficulty in this. People are praying King David’s words alongside the words of Jesus, simultaneously, he says, both that God will destroy the enemy and that God will save the enemy’s soul. It is complicated and difficult, and we can support them by praying God’s will be done.
  3. Pray for those working in Ukraine with the charities you have supported. We have heard that many are growing weary and need God to renew their strength.
  4. Pray for the resolve of other Europeans. Standing up for convictions may mean suffering a winter without heat, potential recession, and political unrest. Pray, also, for those across Europe and in the U.S. who are providing safe places for refugees to stay.
  5. Pray for the separated Ukrainian families. Many are living in faraway places without husbands and fathers after fleeing their homeland. Pray for the release of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Pray for the day that all these families are reunited, their country rebuilt, and their lives restored. And pray that day comes soon.
  6. Pray for those who have lost loved ones. Ask God to bring divine healing and the comfort only he can provide.
  7. Pray for a movement of God that changes hearts in Russia, especially among their leadership. And pray every day that the war will end today … until it does. Pray that, along with war, the desire to force Ukrainians out of existence that has been part of this country’s struggle for centuries will be brought to an end, once and for all.

Finally, let us praise God that he is still doing his mighty work in Ukraine. He is still a source of provision, strength, and comfort. We have heard about a revival we can support with our prayers. In Kharkiv and Chernigov, Irpin, Rivne, and all over the country, the gospel is being spread, and great numbers of people are coming to faith every day. One Christian worker reported working more than 12 hours a day to support all the new refugees who are coming to Christ in his church, including many children. Pray this will continue and spread.

There is nothing the people of Ukraine need more than Jesus!

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