Episode 13: Advisors, you’re not alone in this crisis

How can financial advisors steward their influence in such a time as this? Rob West from Kingdom Advisors shares some perspective on the unique opportunities advisors have right now for a deeper connection with their clients and peers that all points back to the fact that God still owns it all.

Inside this episode:

  • Financial advisors are playing many roles during this uncertain time – from counselor/coach to financial expert
  • How generosity can pivot our perspective on God’s faithfulness
  • The timely opportunity that advisors have to lean into deeper conversations with clients
  • How advisors can steward their influence to bring perspective to their clients
  • Could your practice benefit from a change analysis? Use their worksheet tool below to find out
  • Kingdom Advisors offers community and education for advisors


Key topics: Kingdom Advisors, biblical financial wisdom, advisor practice, change analysis, wealth management, stewardship

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