An interview with Tim Keller on the church and giving

Tim Keller became a Christian at Bucknell University after participating in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He went on to become a pastor and leader of one of the most successful urban churches in America.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan hosts about 5,000 worshipers each week. Keller has written several bestselling books explaining Christianity, including The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism.

Recently, Keller retired from the pulpit in order to put all of his energy into an interdenominational nonprofit that helps establish Christian churches, ministers, and ministries in important cities around the globe: Redeemer City to City. The ambitious goal is to revive a vibrant, intelligent, orthodox Christianity in metropolitan areas. We talked to Keller about how funders who want to advance Christian faith should direct their donations.

We posed this question: If you had a pot of money to give to advance religious practice, where would you spend it? Keller had a lot to say, from his massive church-planting campaign to advice for givers with a passion for the Church.

Read the interview at The Philanthropy Roundtable.

Photo: Christianity Today

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