Come back from the beach more generous this summer

It’s summer, and you’re probably out making memories with your family. While you’re at the beach, on the road, by the lake, or enjoying family by the pool, you can be learning more about how generosity really is the good life.

No matter where you’ve decided to relax this summer, we have resources in our Generosity Library that you can take with you as you travel and share with friends and family. Browse through all of the resources, or check out the recommendations below.

On your road trip (listen)

Model and fashion blogger, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, experienced a devastating accident just as her career was taking off. Listen to Lauren tell the story of how her trauma has led her to generosity and how she has discovered that brokenness can be beautiful, despite the pain.

Drew Formsma is still a teen, but he’s wise beyond his years when it comes to giving. The fourth generation in a family of givers, Drew has been at this his whole life. If you have teens, they will love listening to Drew’s stories and learning what he says it takes to live a generous life at any age.

Would you like to understand how giving can transform a giver’s life? Listen and learn 10 biblical principles of generosity that NCF’s Jamie Kuiper says are all about a story of transformation that God wants to work out in the life of everyone who gives.

On the plane (watch)

Learn about a couple who found generosity by simply putting Jesus first. Or watch Kitti from Refuge Coffee tell the story of how her husband’s conviction about being with the marginalized people God’s Word says he truly loves blossomed into a ministry, a business, and a lot of fun in a unique community just outside Atlanta.

Or if you want to help your family establish a generous mindset, watch the Bible Project’s creative teaching video: the story of God as a generous host.

At the beach (read)

There are so many good books in our Generosity Library, it’s difficult to choose just a few. But here is a great reading list for the beach:

With your family anywhere (do)

Study after study has shown the importance of sharing generosity within families and proven that children of generous parents grow into generous adults. If you’re a parent (or grandparent), find the age of the kids in your family, and try some of these ideas for encouraging their hearts.

Finally, we issued a challenge last week: See how many of our 19 ways to be generous this summer you can do with your family, and then report back to us which number you did and how it went when you tried it. Try this while you’re on vacation, and let us know what happens.

We hope you have the most generous summer ever, and that you have a blast with your friends and family. We can’t wait to hear what you experienced!

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