Encountering need: What do you do when someone asks you for money?

Gwendolyn Clemmons lives near several popular resort areas and has discovered one thing they have in common: they tend to attract indigent individuals – people who live in real need.

By Gwendolyn Clemmons, Lifestyle Giving

It is a sad reality that when an individual is reduced to asking for help on the streets to survive, their best bet is to locate a place where there is a large number of people who have disposable dollars readily at hand. Tourists are the perfect target in resort areas.

Unfortunately, those same demographics appeal to less scrupulous characters. Tourists make easy marks, many of whom may have not become jaded from meeting individuals with sad stories of woe.

The best cons come from people who look and dress the same … if not better, than their marks. It is nearly impossible to tell a grifter from someone truly in need. So, is the best solution to simply turn a blind eye to those who ask for help?

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