5 ways to make GivingTuesday more meaningful

Since it began in 2012, GivingTuesday has grown to become one of the largest movements of generosity around the world, engaging millions of participants in every country, on every continent.

The significance of this one day may be lost on givers like you who’ve made a commitment to God to live generously every day. But what if you looked at it another way? Setting aside a special time to focus on generosity is the perfect way to show your friends and family why you love giving, and all the different ways that NCF can help.

Here are five simple ways you can make GivingTuesday a holiday that your family looks forward to all year:

1. Get everyone in the mood

For believers, giving is an act of worship and a natural response to God’s generosity toward us. To help get everyone in the mindset of seeing it that way, read these 10 principles of biblical generosity to inspire a family devotion, or listen to this podcast together: Biblical Generosity: How It’s Different from Philanthropy. And to help infuse the atmosphere of your home with the spirit of generosity, download some music from the worship playlists on our Spotify page.

2. Make a list and check it twice

Now it’s time to decide where you will give on GivingTuesday. Start by logging into your Giving Fund to run a report of all the charities you’ve supported over the past year. What causes do these charities represent? Is your giving scattered or focused? Are there other causes or charities that have been on your heart lately? Research new charities through your fund, and download NCF’s Grantmaking Causes to discover new areas of ministry that God may be calling you to support.

3. Recommend the perfect gift for everyone on your list

As you look over the charities on your GivingTuesday list, think about the best way to bless each one. Will you give your time or treasure? Or perhaps both? To preserve the dignity of the relationship with charity leaders you know personally, would it be best to use your Giving Fund to recommend an anonymous grant? Who could benefit most from a recurring grant from your fund each month or every quarter?

4. Create your own special traditions

Just like other holidays, it’s the traditions that make them special. Bring the family together for an annual “Monday Night Meal” to enjoy right before you schedule your grants for the big day. For younger children, encourage them to write the names of the charities you’re supporting on strips of colorful paper. Then, glue them together to make a “Charity Chain” that they can decorate the Christmas tree with later. Open a Giving Fund in the name of kids or grandkids when they turn a certain age, and match their GivingTuesday donations. Think of ways you can celebrate the grantmaking process and make it tangible, and Giving Tuesday will become a treasured family tradition.

5. Continue the spirit of generosity all season long 

The timing of GivingTuesday makes it the perfect way to kick off your whole year-end giving season. To keep the momentum going, choose a book or a podcast to experience together from NCF’s Generosity Library. Or choose a new generosity story to watch or read each week on the Stories section of our website.

These ideas are just the beginning. We pray that you will discover unique ways to use GivingTuesday to unite your family and your community together through generosity. This special opportunity only comes once a year. Who will you love and support this #GivingTuesday?

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