Corporate generosity may enhance loyalty, aid business recovery

Businesses need every possible advantage to speed their return to revenue flow and employee productivity. Their decisions and behaviors during this crisis demonstrate their core “business DNA,” which recent research shows will trigger deeper loyalty (or the opposite) from customers and employees forever after.

Corporate citizenship research

Many Georgia companies are making difficult choices with the utmost care for those impacted. Even shuttered businesses are extending support to their communities. And companies have managed employee work interruptions (even layoffs) with extraordinary compassion.

Which local businesses will earn foot traffic first?

Research from goBeyondProfit’s 2020 Corporate Generosity Report shows that Georgia’s employees and consumers value generosity-led behaviors – and will reward them with their business and devotion. A strong majority (73 percent) prefer to buy from generous brands and companies, while 74 percent prefer to associate with them.

The research also shows that the more companies engage their employees and customers in their generous behaviors, the more loyalty and passion they’re likely to enjoy in recovery. Engaging people in outreach efforts has the added benefit of demonstrating values without any appearance of self-promotion or boasting.

Read the full story at Atlanta Business Chronicle.
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