Episode 15: Redemptive entrepreneurship for winter and after

How should entrepreneurs design for a different future? What does it look like to build trust and follow through with a long-term vision? Dave Blanchard, co-founder and CEO of Praxis, dives into questions that emerge from his company’s recent articles – Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why every organization is now a startup and Strategies for Winter: Redemptive leadership in survival times.

Inside this episode:

  • What is “Redemptive entrepreneurship,” and what does it mean to build trust?
  • How might Eugene Peterson’s words, “A long obedience in the same direction” apply to your mission/vision?
  • How can businesses be built with a long-term horizon?
  • How can leaders prototype in sprints for varying future scenarios?


Key topics: Entrepreneurship, leadership, COVID-19, Start ups, Business owners

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