Help for the helpless

Sometimes, people in need are looked upon with disdain or as a burden. Not so with God. Scripture calls our Holy God the”father to the fatherless” and a “defender of widows” (Psalm 68:5).

God helps those who can’t help themselves. He is a provider for the poor and a defender of the disadvantaged. Those with needs are on his heart.

Jesus came for those who recognized their need for God, who were willing to receive his forgiveness and grace. Those who are poor in spirit are candidates for Christ’s true riches (Matthew 5:3). It’s only when you recognize your spiritual bankruptcy apart from the Savior that you can receive the right kind of help. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit hovers over the whole earth looking for those who need and desire God.

Every day, millions of people go to bed hungry or die from diseases. Thousands of people each year are murdered for their faith, because of where they were born, or for their race. They need the preemptive measures of food, medicine, and justice. But most importantly, they need to know Jesus.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit hovers over the whole earth looking for those who need and desire God.

Others have been ravished by raw racism and poverty. They are waiting for someone to show care. A little bit of healthcare, a little bit of attention, a little money or time can provide for the poor or the mistreated in ways most of us take for granted.

A few hundred dollars can build an indoor bathroom or a kitchen in a house that lacks these needs. It can be seed money to help fund a microenterprise. It can pay for a wooden cart that transports fruits and vegetables to market for sale. It can fund the one thing standing between someone and her success. God’s heart is to help the helpless, and for us to join him in this work. So pray for the poor, and ask God to send you someone who needs your help.

God’s grace working through you draws you to the needy. Love edifies, and kindness shows care. Faith flushes out fear, and humility hunts down the hurting and hangs out with them. Compassion shows up with resources that resonate where people live. And the helpless are best helped when they’re helped in Jesus’ name.

You may find you identify more with the helpless side of this equation. You’re right. We’re all helpless to some extent. You may feel helpless in your current situation at work, with a family member, or in your physical condition. Your helpless position readies you to receive God’s help. His grace goes to the humble, and he gives power to the weak (1 Peter 5:5; Isaiah 40:29).

Engage your heavenly Father whenever you feel helpless in your circumstances. Lean on his love and request his wisdom. You cannot make it alone. Maybe there was a day when you thought you could make it without the help of God or other people. But the truth is, we all need Him, and the sooner we ask for help, the sooner He will provide it.

Refusing help is refusing God’s provision. Indeed, you receive the help of heaven so you can help others get to heaven. Help is a gift that keeps on giving. Because someone believed in you and helped you, you want to do the same for others.

I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. – Psalm 121:1-2

So gain fresh perspective by looking to heaven for help. Plead with Him to provide what you need in ways you haven’t thought of, and then ask others to help. When others are engaged in eternity’s agenda they are happy and content. Blessed are those who become helpers in the purposes of God. Be a giver and a receiver of help.

But above all else, be helpful by giving help to the helpless. Look for those who can’t help themselves, and help them. In so doing, you will help Jesus himself and bring glory to our Father in heaven.

Photos: Ben White & Allef Vinicius, Unsplash

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