Lighten the load with God ordained goals

My husband was a literature major. In retrospect, he believes he could have chosen a more lucrative major, but he says he liked the idea of getting a college degree reading the books he planned on reading anyway.

By Gwen Clemmons, A Lifestyle of Giving

Now, if you look in his office, the room’s walls are filled with volumes; everything from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to Bill Waterson’s complete Calvin and Hobbs. He likes to find meaning in all types of works, finding themes of equal importance in Shakespeare and Uncle Scrooge. He calls the comic authors “sophisticated saboteurs,” for their ability to sneak a meaningful message in the guise of a visual cartoon gag.

Among those many books, he has several by Og Mandino, one of the more prolific motivational writers of thee 70’s. Mandino says “To die and leave behind one’s wealth for distribution is the very essence of selfishness, indulged in usually by those of means who gave not even a penny when alive.”

When an individual has accumulated more than enough to provide for the necessities and some enjoyments of life, there are two questions that person should ask.

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