Podcast: Money and meaning with NCF’s Boyd Bailey and Rachael Watson

What role does generosity play in creating meaning, purpose, and joy? And how does the National Christian Foundation help generous people to find clarity and confidence to give more strategically?

Listen as Jeff Bernier and Mike Bernard of the Money and Meaning show interview Boyd Bailey, President of NCF Georgia, and Rachael Watson, NCF Gift Planning Attorney, to discuss everything from the foundations of generosity to tax-advantaged giving strategies.

Whether you are seeking a strategy to support your regular giving or you are looking for new ways to support your personal generosity, vehicles like donor-advised funds, qualified charitable distributions, and single charity funds can help you make the most of every gift.

And – as a friend of Boyd’s from Kentucky says – generosity is the best remedy for greed. “Jesus only mentioned one thing as the number-one competitor with him – it’s money,” Boyd says.

“Generosity is just a secret weapon to make sure we’re staying focused on the Lord and [avoiding] living a selfish life, which is also an unfulfilling life.”

How does NCF help these people to increase and strategize their generosity? Learn more on the podcast.

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