Rebuilding America: The coming opportunity in infrastructure

It’s hard for most stakeholders to get excited about replacing an aging bridge. Though infrastructure improvements are necessary, they don’t tend to generate a lot of enthusiasm, but Visual Capitalist makes a strong case, through these infographics, that investment in infrastructure may be the best choice you can make.

Chaotic construction can disrupt the flow of traffic for many years, while annoying many local residents. Even worse, such projects usually go over budget, ultimately costing millions or even billions in taxpayer dollars. At the end of the day, you have a new and improved bridge – but was it really worth all the hassle?

Rebuilding America

It’s not always easy to see short-term ROI in replacing aging infrastructure, especially when there are many other pressing challenges for society to tackle. However, perpetually kicking the can down the road eventually leads to a situation that works in nobody’s favor. If streets, highways, rail, subways, airports, and bridges are all crumbling, the economy could eventually follow. You see, infrastructure is the backbone of the economy, and it helps facilitate the flow of capital, data, ideas, people, and trade in all directions.

See the infographic at Visual Capitalist. 
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