STEWARD: 30 days to understanding our identity

Because the word “steward” reveals both our identity and responsibility before God, we need to consider it from a biblical perspective. Our understanding of the “being” aspect of who we are as stewards must precede our “doing” in generosity and life.

By Gary G. Hoag and Nathan Buttigieg

Before we begin to explore what it means to steward what God has entrusted to us, we must first understand what it means to be a steward as part of our identity in Christ. Only then can we understand how to put that identity into action and carry out our God-given roles.

  • Steward (noun) – one who administers anything as an agent of another; our identity.
  • Steward (verb) – to act or serve as the agent of another; our responsibility.

In examining both our “being” and our “doing,” we quickly find that the world promotes a different way of thinking and living than what we read in God’s Word. Society bombards us with messages on billboards and banner ads that undermine God’s design for each and every steward. We need to detox from this. That starts us on a path of discovery that begins by exploring the idea that God works.

God works

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
– Romans 8:28

“God works” is an expression that we often gloss over when we read this verse. Our mind tends to go right to the “good” part for us. This is good news! God has a plan, and he’s working it out for our good and his glory.

But what does “God works” mean for us as stewards? Surely, it doesn’t mean that, if we love God, he will make all our dreams come true.

Our work is not meaningless; it’s part of his greater purpose.

The words “God works” give us a blueprint for our own work as stewards. Our work is not meaningless but part of his greater work and purpose. Each of us finds our purpose in him. And when we work, we contribute to the good of others.

And, here’s the best part: we are “called” to this.

As you begin this journey looking at your identity and responsibility as a steward, rest and find joy in the goodness of God and ask for his help to become a good and faithful steward.

Prayer: God, thanks for your goodness and for calling me to be a steward who works and contributes to the good of others. Help me play my part. Amen.

  • Make a list of instances when you feel like God worked for your good. Start your “steward” journey by simply thanking him.

Start the journey

STEWARD is a 30-day reflective journey that helps us reset our thinking about our identity and our responsibilities before God. Each day includes a Scripture, thoughts to renew our minds, a prayer, and an application idea to reboot our way of living.

We love this little ebook, but please hear one word of advice before you begin. Don’t work through STEWARD alone. Such adventures are better taken with the company of others. Go through it with a trusted friend or your small group. 

We’re excited to offer this 30-day devotional as a free gift from Global Trust Partners and Christian Super. Download your free copy of STEWARD.

About the authors:
Gary G. Hoag, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Global Trust Partners.
Nathan Buttigieg is Chief Member Officer of Christian Super, Australia.

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