Why choose NCF to manage your Giving Fund

What if we told you that your money is meant for more? More impact, more family unity, and more Kingdom building. It’s true. We believe God is moving hearts to give like never before in homes, neighborhoods, and around the globe. We want to be on the frontlines of this generosity movement, and we’re here to help you be a part of it in ways unlike any other major donor advised fund (DAF) provider.

Below are ways an NCF Giving Fund helps your money do more:

1. We share your Christian values.

NCF’s biblically-based Giving Strategy makes us different from every other major DAF provider – and we’re proud of that. Our mission is to mobilize resources by inspiring biblical generosity. Our vision is to see every person reached and restored through the love of Christ. When you open a Giving Fund with NCF, we’re not just helping you send more to the causes you love. We’re praying for your business and your family and connecting you with the larger movement of biblical generosity worldwide. With an NCF Giving Fund, you experience more impact, fewer taxes, less paperwork, and more joy! 

2. We’re a team of experts.

As of 2022, NCF has provided creative solutions for 40 years, pioneering and leading giving strategies in non-cash assets (stocks, real estate, business interests). As an organization, we’ve worked with over 30,000 families to facilitate over $14.5 billion in grants to over 71,000 charities and churches through a giving platform that includes Giving Funds (donor-advised funds).  Our Relationship Managers provide highly personalized service and local community building opportunities here in the Heartland and across the nation. 

3. We’re local, national, and global.

When you open a Giving Fund with NCF, you experience tangible benefits that simplify your giving and multiply your impact. You also join tens of thousands of givers worldwide in an unprecedented movement of Christian generosity – in fact, the NCF community of givers annually recommends grants at twice the rate of other major DAF providers. NCF givers help the world hear God’s good news – in 2021, $31 million funded new scripture translations in audio, video, sign language, and print. With an office here in the Heartland and 33 more across the country, a relationship manager nearby has a pulse on the needs in your region and city. 

4. We have a robust generosity ecosystem.

We’ve learned that people want community in their giving. That’s why we’re a part of a generosity ecosystem that helps dollars do more for the Kingdom and connects givers to share in the generosity journey. We partner with organizations like TrustBridge Global Foundation to send money across the world fast in a crisis, Helping Hands Ministries to help direct dollars to individuals, and others like Generous Giving, Impact Foundation, and more. 
Giving benefits more than the causes you support. It can have a profound effect on your faith, family, legacy, and the way you steward the wealth and resources that God has entrusted to you. When you create a Giving Strategy with a knowledgeable, biblically-based partner like NCF, the benefits are numerous. Get in touch with your NCF Heartland office to help your money do more.