5 benefits of a Giving Strategy

Strategy … it’s essential for your business, your finances, and even your favorite sports team. But why would you need a strategy for giving? Isn’t simply being generous enough?

Well, you might be surprised what a difference a Giving Strategy can make. Over the past 40 years, we have witnessed the beautiful way that God calls givers and families to a life that is more faithful, generous, and fully alive as they pursue his purpose with an intentional plan.

While you may only think of giving in terms of how it benefits the causes you support, giving can also have a profound effect on your faith, your family, your legacy, and the way you steward the wealth and resources that God has entrusted to you. When you create a Giving Strategy that encompasses all these areas of your life, the benefits can be numerous.

For example, here are 5 benefits of a giving strategy:

  1. Deeper faith: Giving is more than a financial transaction. It’s is a spiritual practice that can transform your relationship with the Lord. When you have a Giving Strategy that is built on biblical principles, you’ll uncover opportunities to connect your giving to God’s story and experience more joy as you pursue a life of generosity and true abundance.
  2. Enduring legacy: Uncovering the legacy that God wants you to leave for future generations is an important part of a well-planned strategy for giving. A Giving Strategy empowers you to pass on values, not just valuables, and set expectations for your heirs. As you focus on preparing the next generation, you’ll help make kingdom impact an enduring trait of your legacy.
  3. Family unity: Generosity is a beautiful force that can bind loved ones together with greater joy and sense of shared purpose. When a family has a unified purpose, spiritual capital is naturally transferred to the next generation. A Giving Strategy can help you create opportunities to give together and understand how God wants to bring your family closer through giving.
  4. More clarity and passion: Giving is an opportunity to join God in his big dreams. And with generosity as a guiding principle of your faith, there are many ways that passion can be expressed through giving. A Giving Strategy can help you clarify the causes and issues that bring you joy, challenge your heart, or compel you to invest.
  5. Greater impact: A Giving Strategy helps you reflect on God’s desires for your resources and unveil practical opportunities to maximize what you have to give. And when you integrate your Giving Strategy into your financial plan, you can turn tax dollars into giving dollars as you give strategically from both cash and non-cash assets.

God has designed a unique story of generosity for you. If you’re ready to learn how to design a Giving Strategy that can help you step into your story, your NCF team is here to help.

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