How the Kuck family is helping in the Bahamas

For NCF givers Duane and Cindy Kuck, the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas is not just tragic; it’s personal. Cindy and her brother Andrew were born in the Bahamas, and their father was born in 1944 in Man-O-War Cay, Abaco.

For many residents of the Bahamas, the losses are excruciating. Lost loved ones, homes, and businesses have left residents physically and emotionally broken, and the days ahead feel daunting. Cindy and Duane say it’s going to take more than just a quick relief effort to restore shalom on these beautiful islands.

Many of their relatives were in the Bahamas during the storm, and most of them have been safely evacuated. They are some of the fortunate ones.

The Kuck family, who are co-owners of Regal Boats in Orlando, say God has opened their hearts to ask, “How can we best help?” Many in the Orlando community with deep connections to the Bahamas have joined them, forming First Orlando Foundation to support Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas.

“The people of the Bahamas need to know they are not alone, that God loves them, and we love them.” Cindy Kuck

The team hit the ground running, sponsoring and coordinating rescue missions of residents trapped in the damage. The first planes and helicopters arrived Tuesday morning, just two days after the storm. They watched a grandmother holding her baby grandchild close as the waters rose around her. Grandmother and baby were saved just in time.

Cindy and Duane say they are overwhelmed at the amount of people in Orlando who have stepped up. One woman took time off from her work as a flight attendant to man call centers. Another friend made five trips in two days to drop off supplies.

As the supplies roll in by the truckload, they are loaded onto planes and are met in the Bahamas by local fisherman with boats to distribute them where they are most needed. Duane and Cindy say God is opening doors with Bahamian churches, communities, and non-governmental organizations in a powerful way.

Bahamian communities in areas with less damage are working day and night to clean up the island. Just this week, Cindy says her cousin is housing seven extra people, because their homes were destroyed in the storm.

The Kuck family wants to steward all that they have been given to bring healing and hope in the Abacos. They ask everyone to pray fervently for the people of the Bahamas. This feels like an intersection point of our family history, a deep need for help, and our desire to give back with what we have been given. Duane says.

Two ways you can help

If you want to get involved, NCF Orlando has created the Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund to collect support to fuel the transportations of people and supplies to the islands.

  1. Use your Giving Fund – If you have a Giving Fund at NCF, you can transfer money from your existing fund balance. Just log in, go to the Transfer page, and enter the fund name “The Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund” and fund number #3007040.
  2. To donate by credit card or bank transfer, click the blue button below.
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