People aren’t for sale: Salvation Army’s tattoo campaign highlights modern slavery

The Salvation Army is encouraging people to get tattooed for a good cause – but only temporarily. In the lead-up to Anti-Slavery Day this week, it is highlighting the plight of those caught in modern slavery and urging people to join the #WeAreNotForSale campaign.

The Salvation Army has developed a tattoo depicting a group standing against a barcode, conveying the message that people are not for sale and should never be treated as a commodity.

In the lead-up to Anti-Slavery Day, Thursday October 18, the temporary tattoos are available from 96 Salvation Army charity shops across England for a £1 donation. All profits will go to the charity’s Victim Care Fund, which provides additional support to help survivors of modern slavery.

“When people are held as slaves they are treated as objects that can be bought and sold, with the ways in which they are exploited limited only by the imagination of their trafficker” said Kathy Betteridge, the charity’s director of anti-trafficking and modern slavery,

Read the full story at Christian Today.

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