Move over Black Friday: #GivingTuesday is the better deal

What began as a simple idea in 2012 to encourage people to be givers instead of consumers has become a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to share, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

This year, GivingTuesday happens November 29. If you’d like to get in on the fun, here are 10 ideas to help you celebrate:

  1. Gather ‘round your Giving Fund – If you’ve set money aside in your Giving Fund, this is a perfect day for granting. Log on with your spouse, your children, or grandchildren to decide what causes are important for you to support as a family.
  2. Feed a neighbor – Food prices are up 12.4 percent from October 2021, impacting many families who were already stretched thin by the pandemic’s effect on the economy. Consider finding out what needs are most urgent at your local food bank, or use your Giving Fund to research a local, national, or international organization.
  3. Give to something new – On GivingTuesday, research a new cause or charity that catches your attention, and consider branching out of your giving comfort zone with your money or your time.
  4. Inspire the next generation – Get the young people in your life involved by starting the generosity conversation and helping them give or volunteer. For ideas about how to engage children or grandchildren, here are 10 ways to make generosity a family tradition.
  5. Encourage one another – Challenge a friend, your spouse, or a younger person to join you in doing at least one non-financial act of kindness in honor of GivingTuesday. Assist a neighbor, run an errand for someone, or give something you own to someone you know is in need.
  6. Connect globally – GivingTuesday is celebrated in more than 60 countries! Visit the GivingTuesday site to see what’s happening in one of the countries you love, and see if you can get involved.
  7. Commit your time and skills – This is the busiest time of year for many volunteer-run organizations; however, many see a dramatic decrease in helpers after the holidays. Nonprofits always need volunteers who can do so regularly. Feeling led to give in this way? Ask your charity of choice about how you can commit throughout the coming year in a way that would provide them this much-needed support.
  8. Sponsor a family – With the state of the economy, many are struggling to provide for their basic needs themselves this year, much less make the Christmas season magical for their families. Check out a national organization like Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program or a local adopt-a-family initiative, and spend GivingTuesday shopping for someone in need.
  9. Do more together – Schedule a group call with your extended family, your Sunday School class, small group, book club, or other group to brainstorm some ways to give together. For ideas, visit the official GivingTuesday site.
  10. Keep the goodness goingLog into your Giving Fund to set up recurring grants to the causes you give to on GivingTuesday, so they can benefit from steady support that lasts all year.

We hope these ideas help you embrace your year-end with new energy for generosity and make GivingTuesday one of your favorite holiday traditions every year.

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