This is why I play football

When Nate Solder was younger, he got into football because he wasn’t sure what else to do. After graduating college, he was drafted in 2011 by the New England Patriots.

By Nate Solder for Compassion International

The world and everything around me was telling me to make tons of money. To strive to win championships. Since then, I have won two Super Bowls with the Patriots and now play for the New York Giants.

But I found myself feeling very empty. What was the point of it all?

Then a friend of mine, who was chaplain for my team, began raising me up in the Word of God. It opened a whole new world for me. I began to find hope and meaning in Christ. I married my wife, Lexi, and together we now have two children. In making Jesus real in my life, my friend didn’t just give me a helpful resource. He literally brought me from death to life.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was scary and threatened me physically. Without Jesus, it would have been so much scarier and more devastating. Then in 2015, my son, Hudson, was also diagnosed with cancer. He is still undergoing treatment.

Going through this experience with Hudson, even with all the medical resources available, was so difficult. I can’t imagine the families going through something similar, but without access to the resources they need to help their children survive.

That’s why my wife Lexi and I are so passionate about helping children survive.

After I began to explore my faith, I started questioning whether I should even continue in football. It all seemed so petty when money and winning is your sole pursuit. But after thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that God gave me unique abilities so that I can earn money and give back to those who are in need.

Now my wife and I have a whole new life purpose.

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