Episode 16: Leading with empathy as we recover and rebuild

The COVID-19 crisis has been with us for months now. Where do we go from here? Simon Barrington, founder of Forge Leadership and former CEO for Samaritan’s Purse in Europe, has 15 years’ experience in disaster recovery. He shares how leaders can set the pace to reboot the world in a restorative and meaningful way.

Inside this episode:

  • We can navigate the pandemic through the lens of a disaster-relief, three-phase model: Response, recovery, and reconstruction
  • The Lord restores his people in similar phases (Hosea 6)
  • We need to slow our pace, make space, and give grace
  • Right now, leaders must hold the tension between progress and well-being
  • Good leaders will respond with a greater level of empathy, setting the pace for what’s ahead and recognizing the need for self care
  • Leaders must measure the health of their own relationships – in their organizations and communities


Key topics: Leadership, COVID-19, crisis relief, recovery, reconstruction, self care, relationships

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