Give what sparks lasting joy

Do you feel strongly about all the causes you support? Or does making donations to charity sometimes feel like paying the bills?

If your giving often feels scattered, overwhelming, or like you’re going through the motions, you may need some help clarifying your giving passions­­ – which is an important part of creating your Giving Strategy at NCF. As we help you discover more about your God-given desires for specific causes and charities, it can lead to more peace of mind and help you get your joy back.

Here are some benefits we have seen givers find when clarifying their giving passions:

1. You can give more proactively, rather than reactively
When you are constantly bombarded with mailers, emails, and calls from so many worthy causes, it can be so hard to decide what to support. But when you’ve defined your giving passions, you’ll have a better filter to quickly review requests and make decisions.

2. You’ll know when to say “yes”
A leader of a large foundation once said, “It’s hard being in the ‘no’ business.” Clarifying your giving passions can help you establish parameters for granting that you can share publicly or one-on-one. When charities know what you support, they can better tailor their asks to your mission and you can say “yes” more often.

3. You’ll experience more connection to the causes you support
When you narrow your focus in on what truly moves you, you’ll enjoy having more margin to volunteer, do site visits, serve on the board, or get personally involved in other ways. You’ll be able to see needs first-hand and experience the joy of God at work as he meets those needs through you and others.

4. You can confidently step into God’s unique story for you
Sometimes, you may feel pressure to support causes you inherited from your family foundation or your company’s mission. Or you may suffer from “lone supporter syndrome.” You feel obligated to stick with a cause because you are one of their primary major donors. But when you know where God is calling you to give and why, it becomes easier to break out of prescribed formulas and patterns to focus on causes you’re passionate about.

5. You can start dreaming big
Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. When you have this type of passion for the causes you support, it can drive you to pursue the big dreams that God has placed in your heart. Clarifying your giving passions could be the key to a life that is more faithful, more generous, and more fully alive. 

If you’d like to learn how a Giving Strategy can help you discover where God wants you to give, visit

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