7 ways to pray for victims of Hurricane Dorian

With most of the Bahamas laying in devastation, there is much to pray for. Here is how you can advocate for the Bahamas from where you are right now.

It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Dorian slowly moved away from the Bahamas, after battering the islands for days with sustained winds above 185 mph. The official death toll has reached 50, but hundreds are still missing, and search-and-rescue teams continue to comb through widespread wreckage.

While many were evacuated prior to and during the storm, many remain amid the destruction on the Abacos and Grand Bahama islands. The situation in the Bahamas needs your prayers.

  1. Pray for the many people who have been displaced and whose lives and property have been devastated by this storm. Pray that they do not lose hope during the long rebuilding process.
  2. Pray for the hospitals, the doctors, nurses, volunteers, patients, and other personnel treating the sick and the injured on the islands.
  3. Praise God for local churches and families who are welcoming and serving their displaced neighbors, as well as boat owners, truck drivers, cruise travel companies, and thousands of volunteers who are willing to join the effort from Florida and all over the country.
  4. Thank God for the many NCF givers who have dropped everything and given generously, bringing supplies, help, and funding to help the Bahamas.
  5. Pray for those providing meals to the displaced Bahamian residents, that they will have access to abundant supplies of food to reach all the hungry on the islands.
  6. Ask the Lord to protect all those who are traveling, for those who will operate chainsaws and other heavy equipment and those who will be climbing to put tarps on damaged roofs.
  7. Pray that any other hurricanes that might form this season will not make landfall. Pray for staff and volunteers to sensitively minister in the love of God to people in their distress so they might draw them closer to him.

Photo: The Atlantic

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