Discover your Giving Strategy

You may have a solid strategy for your business, your career, your finances, and many other areas of life. But do you have a strategy for your giving? Here are three signs you need one:

  1. Are you unsure about where or how God is calling you to give?
  2. Does giving feel like more of a financial transaction than a joyful gift?
  3. Does giving ever feel scattered, ineffective, or overwhelming?

​​At NCF, we’ve helped givers just like you develop a personalized strategy to help them meet their unique giving goals. We believe creating a personalized Giving Strategy based on biblical principles is the most powerful way you can pursue God’s story for your generosity. A Giving Strategy can help you give with kingdom impact, leave a meaningful legacy, cultivate unity in your family, and maximize what you have to give. That’s why we’re excited to share a new resource we created just for NCF fund holders: our new, interactive Giving Strategy Guidebook online experience.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let us know you want to create a strategy by emailing us at
  2. We’ll email you a unique code with instructions for you to create your private, online account.
  3. Follow our step-by-step instructions on your own time, save changes, and log back in to complete your journey.
  4. Once you finalize your strategy, you can generate your personalized strategy printout.
  5. Meet with our team to implement your strategy immediately (optional).

If you want to see how easy it is to start creating yours, take two minutes to watch the demo video below that guides you through the online Giving Strategy experience.