Generosity Stories – Volume I: Rick & Suzanne Fletcher

I’ve come to strongly believe that God is saying to me, 
“Don’t leave it on the table.”

At 38 years old, Rick Fletcher was a successful Orlando lawyer and business owner. He could provide everything needed for his young family from clothes to cars to vacations. But something was missing. “It’s like God flipped a switch in my heart,” he recalls. “I remember reading Randy Alcorn’s book [The Treasure Principle] and Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about not storing up treasures for yourself on this earth, and that hit me.” Rick says that his life has never been the same since. 

For the last 35+ years, Rick has taken the challenge of generosity to heart, giving “more than what we were comfortable with.” And yet, he is the one who in turn has felt lavishly blessed. “I really can’t out-give God… The benefit you receive from generosity is far greater than what you put in.” 

A native of College Park and a graduate of one of the first classes at Edgewater High School, Rick has been around the Central Florida Community for decades. His love of this community and his heart for philanthropy has landed him in leadership roles with almost a dozen local nonprofit organizations.

It’s not only his money that he gives either. No matter his commitments over the years, Rick has always emphasized spending much of his spare time mentoring young men. “One of my biggest passions is to help young men in their spiritual journey… to become better fathers… to become better citizens.” His wife, Suzanne, has a similar passion for young women. Together, they’ve mentored hundreds in Central Florida. “My wife at any time will be meeting individually with 4-5 girls each week, loving on them for two hours at a time – studying, reading, and discipling them.”

The Fletchers desire to radically give of their monetary wealth too. When it comes to the family’s giving, Rick tells a joke his wife always says. “I want to have the check to the undertaker barely clear.” He means it. They want nothing left to give away upon their passing. “I’ve come to strongly believe God is saying to me, ‘Don’t leave it on the table.’ You can’t take it with you, but you can send it ahead.”

For Rick and Suzanne though, generosity has never been about the time or the money.  “Simply put, it makes for a joy-filled life, without anxiety, that Suzanne and I thoroughly enjoy together.”


Generosity Stories is a series meant to inspire generosity in others by highlighting stories of individuals and families in Central Florida.

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